• Lisa Corrigan

Cute Christmas Snacks

I love a good Holiday treat! And who doesn't? While I fully believe in letting yourself enjoy your favorite not-so-healthy treats, it's really nice to have some healthy holiday goodies around as well. Here are some fun ideas for festive, healthy, Christmas snacks!

Santa Hats

Brim: banana slice

Hat: strawberry with stem cut off

Puff Ball: Greek yogurt

Candy Cane

Simply alternate strawberry and banana slices in the shape of a candy cane.

Frosty the Snowman

Snowballs: Greek yogurt, piped

Eyes, Mouth, Buttons: semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips

Nose: strawberry tip

Arms: almonds

Hat: whole grain cracker

These were so fun to make, and almost too cute to eat!! What are some of your favorite festive snack creations??


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